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Our EAGLE TEAM is a network of proven women and men with a broad spectrum of experiences. We have worked across the consumer, financial, health care, life sciences, industrial/manufacturing, real estate, IT, mobile/wireless, hospitality, retail and international business sectors.

Our Founder, Christopher Fey, is a serial entrepreneur. From kitchen table start-ups to a public company sale that has generated several billion in revenue since founding. Along the way, he gained invaluable experience from bootstrapping to senior public company management…and lots of projects in between.

Like major consulting firms, ESP hand picks one or more EAGLE TEAM members for your specific needs. These EAGLES specialize in strategic planning, brand building, capital formation, productizing, sales and channel distribution. We can also bring a network of EAGLES from across the globe who can help in most international arenas from market research to product/service entry and launch.

We have EAGLE TEAM members in Arkansas, California, Florida, Missouri, New York and Texas, as well as internationally in London, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and the UAE. We go 48 x 7 and are no more than a phone call, text, Skype or email away.

Think of our EAGLE TEAM as your team…dedicated to help you realize your dream. If you want to win the battle…help is on the way!

If you think you have what it takes to join the EAGLE TEAM please email your CV along with your personal vision statement and why you would like to become part of our TEAM of EAGLES.

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